Selling your land fast does not need to feel like a hassle. In fact, with the convenience of our services you can sell your vacant land and we mean sell land fast! Often, land is acquired so quickly in the market that you may even see a hefty cash offer for land.




We Research Your Land

All you have to do is fill out a simple application with basic information and we will take care of the rest. We send your information to our team of seasoned land buying experts to research surrounding property values, county taxes, and other local information. 


We Provide You An Offer

Once we complete the research and estimate process, we will reach out to you with our best cash offer. There is no obligation on your part in this step if you do not want to move forward with the offer we provided.


We Sign An Agreement

If you are happy with our fair cash offer, we will supply all of the documents needed for the agreement. The agreement can either be mailed or sent out electronically. We will proceed with whatever method is the most convenient for you.


Close And You Get Paid

After your agreement is signed and completed, we will begin the closing process. All of the closing procedures are completed by our team of experts at little to no hassle for you. In just a short amount of time, you will have a nice pile of cash in your bank account and no more land worries!

Need Quick Access to Your Cash?

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Whatever the reason you may need to sell land fast, we can offer you a reasonable price. The value offered might not be market rate, but that is for a really good reason. We do not ask for commissions, and we pay for all closing and administrative fees. We provide our customers a cash offer for their land, that lets us to meet their requirements for a quick sale and convenient access to some much-needed capital. Each of these points result in saving you money on maintenance, assessment fees, broker fees, and taxes. Remember that the real estate marketplace is notoriously slow, and receiving a fast sale is very difficult. Particularly when real estate agents get involved as they will be seeking to make the greatest commission they possibly can.Selling land could possibly take a month or even longer; as you wait, your expenses will accumulate. Contact us now for a zero-obligation proposal; this will allow you to at least do the math and see what course of action works best for you.

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Do I have to pay you any fees for taxes or liens?

Our services are of no cost to you, even if you owe back taxes. We will consider and discuss every detail of finances when we provide your final offer on the property. You will not pay us a dime and only need to look forward to getting paid cash after the sale of your land.

What if I am missing the proper paperwork such as the deed?

There is no need to worry if you are missing the deed to your property. Our team is able to locate almost all the necessary files for closing a deal. This is completed at no cost to you.

I was going to sell my land independently, why should I use you?

The biggest reason you should avoid selling your raw land independently is the same reason you should avoid working with a realtor: banks. The biggest downfall of selling your property through financing with a bank is that you may not receive all your cash at once. Rather, you get a morsel of the payments each month with whatever financing the buyer chose. Using our company means instant cash in your pocket once the paperwork and agreement are completed.

Should I sell my land now or wait for the market to get better?

Time is precious, especially when it costs you money. When you sell your lot for cash to us, we evaluate your lot with the fairest offer possible and you do not have to wait for a buyer to get accepted through the bank. Oftentimes, buyers will make it through agreements and closing, only to find that they are rejected at the last minute. This means you have wasted weeks or even months on a buyer that did not work out.

What if my title has issues, can you still buy my land?

Title complications can cause a massive problem when it comes time to sell land. In fact, it is a big reason many people hold onto unwanted land for longer than needed. Our team can handle just about any dilemma on titles, as we partner with reputable attorneys and other professionals who can likely create resolutions to your title, which will allow us to purchase it.

What is the purchase agreement?

The purchase agreement we send you either by mail or electronically is a binding contract between the buyer and seller that specifies a concrete price agreement for the property. The agreement also lays out a definitive timeline for the final closing process.

Quick start

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Complete The Offer Form

We Will Be In Contact Soon And Handle The Rest

Would You Like A Cash Offer?


Customers planning to sell your land choose to work with us for a number of reasons. Quite a few take a generous cash offer for land for numerous different reasons.

The following are a few of the most common:

  • A married couple had obtained land as a part of a retirement plan; they simply changed their minds and no longer have any use for it.
  • A family invested in land when their children were younger, and they no longer use it, the kids are moving to college and now they prefer to sell property quickly.
  • Many individuals have inherited the land that they either have never even visited and had no use for, to start with.
  • Others attempt to search for buyers by using traditional methods, or sales have fallen through at the last moment, sometimes sellers want the cash from the lost sale given that it has already been committed elsewhere.
  • Property taxes have accumulated on the land they no longer utilize or need
  • Some of our customers purchased the property as an investment decision, and for whatever factor, it did not realized its value, now they are trying to unload the land.
  • Some people basically hold on to land just because selling it traditionally is both time-consuming and a great deal of inconvenience.
  • Others simply want quick access to cash money, and the reason is not important.

We follow a tried and tested method for the purchase of the unwanted land. Our experts are going to conduct the mandatory research and present you with a fair deal. This can be carried out very quickly, once you are given the offer you are happy with, simply sign and return the legal documents to our company.
Our professionals will then review the signed document, the contract will be put in an escrow account, and a closing date will be scheduled. You never have to bother with any additional cost from the moment that you sign the papers, all you will have to do is kick back, relax, and get ready for your pay out to come in.
Either the title company or attorney will supply you with a deed to have notarized and signed. This allows us to take possession of the land. Once the process is completed, you can pt to either accept your payment by cashiers check or electronic wire transfer, whichever suits you the most.



Our objective is to provide you as the owner of unwanted land with an asset you value, cash, something you can put to work for you and your family. We are specialists in offering our clients with honesty, transparency, and honesty from the first point of contact, through the receiving of their cash offer for land, until they are in receipt of their pay out.
We promise all your customers the following.

  • A reasonable price for their land – you do not have to worry about dealing with commissions, fees, bank fees, and various other unknown fees.
  • Fast turnaround – We will provide you with an offer quickly, and process the sale I an equally efficient fashion.
  • All of the fees and costs are encompassed – the amount you are presented is what you will get.
  • We Will deal with your back taxes– Assuming that the numbers work, we include any due taxes.
  • Hassle-free experience – our team are exclusively focused on keeping the sales as effortless as possible

Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team right now for an obligation-free offer on your land. If you are not satisfied, you can just say no. Our goal is simple, to provide you with a fast and easy solution to an unwanted problem. Whether or not you understand how to sell land or not, reach out to us now. What have you got to lose?






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